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This Application, (QuickDMCATM) was created to assist copyright holders, and their agents, with generating and transmitting notifications of copyright infringement pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This Application should only be used by copyright holders, or their authorized representatives, to enforce claimed violations of their copyrights.  Abuse of the DMCA is a serious offense, and can result in substantial financial penalties.    

In order to permit you (the “user”) to use of the services provided by this Application, we (i.e., the “developer”) collect minimal information concerning your consent to the developer’s EULA, and your installation of the application. We do not collect any information inserted into DMCA Notices, or regarding the parties involved with the notification process.  You are solely responsible for maintaining any desired copies of DMCA notices generated by the Application. 

We do not collect or maintain electronic signatures, times, dates, or IP addresses associated with transmission of DMCA notices generated by you.   You are solely in control of where and to whom you send any DMCA Notices, generated by the Application.  
We cooperate with request for information via valid subpoena, discovery demand, court order, warrant, or formal law enforcement request.  We reserve the right to provide the minimal information preserved by the application in our discretion, to protect our rights, or prevent harm to others.

You have the right to discontinue your use of the Application at any time during such use.  You are also free to delete this Application at any time.
Questions regarding this Privacy Policy can be directed to:
Lawrence G. Walters, Esq.